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A pure play, ‘SAAS’ cloud-based solution for social housing procurement and management.
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Local Authorities using adam are meeting the challenges of managing arrangements with agents – and procuring social and temporary accommodation.

At its heart, adam’s intuitive, powerful, visual property management solution provides users with insight and control for location, capacity and bookings management. 

The technology helps professionals take responsibility for policing, maintaining and monitoring compliance requirements (insurances; policies; property certificates & documentation, user activity etc) and by removing the inherent issues with spot purchasing, also minimises risk for professionals and users alike.

Room by room, providers can configure capacity, rates, furnishings, accessibility – and availability – while professionals can be assured of greater autonomy, smooth payments processing and data-driven reporting capability.

Councils in a nominated group can easily collaborate and securely share important alerts and information about properties and providers for faster, broader contract management intelligence.  adam’s housing solution can additionally integrate with external systems to improve data flow and process efficiency.

adam’s Human Touch Technology TM competitive procurement & management platform is coded, hosted, implemented and supported out of our central MK headquarters


Technology is only ever as good as its implementation - and the way it is supported.  Professionals seeking lower total cost of ownership and faster time to return know this.  And while adam’s HTT platform provides excellent self-service functionality, sometimes clients need support - which is why adam provides a complete managed service.

The scope of adam’s service offer is determined by the client and the category, it’s the same philosophy over three key phases: implementation; onboarding and regular support.

Housing clients benefit from services geared to rapid and dynamic purchasing outcomes.  Following implementation - additional services can be provided: supplier sourcing; supplier accreditation & enrolment; training; account management advice.  And throughout the lifetime of the contract, adam clients have a ‘Response on demand’ team ready to help via phone or web chat.


The adam Human Touch Technology platform is secure, scalable, robust, customisable, consistent and user-centric in its philosophy.

adam uses dual Tier 3 UK based data centres - is compliant with ISO27001 & NHS IG Toolkit regulations, additionally using industry-leading DDoS protection and SSL certification. 

Virtualised server environments permit fast capacity increases to deliver consistently and at scale.  adam HTT has a near perfect uptime (in excess of 99.99%), with data loss in the event of a DC failure capped at under 1 second, with no single points of failure

The user is at the centre of the design philosophy; a template-based approach enabling faster builds – enabling a consistency of behaviour across the site to help maximise user efficiency and reduce page load times to fractions of seconds, irrespective of data volumes.

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