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5 take away learnings from Procurex 2019

adam sponsored the recent Procurex 2019 event at the NEC, showcasing our new Procurement product brochure**. 

Procurex draws a mixture of public and private sector individuals with procurement and commissioning as their function. 

We spoke with many of the public sector delegates from the event; most of whom shared the same challenges. 

When we sifted through the conversations, 5 clear points emerged:


  • You and your teams are committed and hard working
    • The procurement and commissioning function within local authorities and healthcare is buoyant, busy, committed and continually searching for improvements
    • Shortages of funding prevent progress at the speed you want or need


  • Strategically, cost and efficiency gains remain front and centre
    • Keeping down costs doesn’t stop being a driver, and you’re continually seeking opportunities to do this for your organisation
    • Equally you told us you need to look beyond ‘cutting costs’ by driving increased operational efficiency (saving time using better processes)
  • With digital transformation, a large aspect of the implementation could be ‘winning the hearts and minds’ of the users within your own organisation
    • When the external conditions are right, procurement teams know that digital transformation, using dynamic purchasing system technology at the core, is a compelling option
    • Strategically, overcoming entrenched internal ‘cultural norms’ can be a barrier to successfully deploying a new, powerful, helpful technology
    • You know that a fully managed support service (Not only at implementation stage, but throughout the lifecycle of the contract) will overcome issues caused by ‘inertia’, because the hard work is outsourced and done for you.


  • Dynamic Purchasing Systems are clearly understood
    • Authorities know the benefits of introducing flexibility for suppliers, existing and new, to join at any time – which in turn enables authorities to ‘design’ their supply base in a way that more accurately meets the needs of their citizens.
    • Authorities understand that introducing the concept of competitive bidding for projects will help drive value


  • You agree:  ultimately, we are all here to help improve individuals’ wellbeing
    • Everyone we spoke to agreed – in the end, we’re here to do one thing and that’s help enable improved wellbeing for individuals


** Want a copy of our new Procurement brochure?  Visit our resource library here.


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