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The Public Procurement (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

The Public Procurement (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

From the Cabinet Office:

“The Government is committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure the country continues to operate smoothly from the day we leave the EU in both ‘deal’ and ‘no-deal’ scenarios and this includes the framework for public procurement.

“The majority of the procurement regulations and in particular the different procedures available to contracting authorities and entities, will remain exactly the same. In a no deal scenario, the key change for contracting authorities would be the need to send notices to a new UK e-notification service instead of the EU Publications Office and publication on Tenders Electronic Daily.

The following e-Senders have told Cabinet Office that they intend to integrate their services with the new UK e-notification service in early 2019. This list will be updated as other e-Senders confirm their timetables for testing and go-live. 

  • Adam (
  • (plus others)

The full paper can be accessed here




Cabinet Office are processing adam’s sign off as an official authorised sender for ‘Find a Tender’ which is the replacement for OJEU post Brexit.

This means adam’s Procurement and Health and Social Care products are set up and ready to start posting to Find a Tender if and/or when Brexit is confirmed.

We also have the option to support parallel posting to both OJEU and Find a Tender, which allows us to adapt the process based on the final details of the Brexit agreement.

adam is future proofed for any eventuality in relation to posting contract award notices for our customers.



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