The inconsistencies of Social Care. PT 2: The Brexit Effect | adam HTT
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The inconsistencies of Social Care. PT 2: The Brexit Effect

The recent LaingBuisson Social Care conference gave a compelling summary as to the situation the Social Care market currently finds itself in and possible suggestions of what may be around the corner. After listening to some very good presentations and having some very interesting conversations, one thing struck home to me more than anything else. The Care market is full of contradictions.

With the threat to achieving capacity becoming increasingly difficult for the care sector, the effects of Brexit also need to be considered.
The true effects of Brexit will not be known until 2019, but there are inevitably polls, research and theory to suggest some of the possible outcomes of the split. Unsurprisingly, there is the uncertainty around workers from outside of the UK. The Skills for Care survey estimates that 15% of the Social Care workforce is non-UK, of which around half of those are from the EU. With the increasing demand on services to accommodate an aging population, it’s predicted that around 200,000 more workers will be needed by 2020 (Source: Independent Age), therefore working viability from those outside of the UK will be key in meeting the increase.

It was also suggested by one speaker that significantly fewer Brits will be looking to retire overseas fearing access to healthcare services. This could have another unforeseen impact on demand meaning that there will initially be more demand on Homecare and Supported Living as people look to keep their independence.

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