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New DPS for Minor Works

We are delighted to confirm that the London Construction Programme (LCP) have successfully established their new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the provision of Minor Works.

The DPS, which is built on the adam platform, covers a wide range of Minor Works services including: Asbestos, Brickwork, Cleaning & Clearance, Highways, Modern Methods of Construction, Principal Contractor, Painting & Decorating, and many more. There are 27 categories in total.

This is the second DPS that the London Construction Programme has launched on the adam platform, the first being their Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services DPS which was launched in April 2019 (more on that here).

The two DPS’s will complement the LCP’s Major Works Framework 2019 to offer a suite of procurement methods to its members. You can find more information on the London Construction Programme here.

There are a number of benefits that the Minor Works DPS offers to both LCP members and their suppliers:

Benefits to LCP members:
• Access to pre-qualified, varied and compliant suppliers for Minor Works projects
• An increased competition which invites multiple suppliers to bid for projects
• A reduced onboarding process which ensures members do not need to run their own full OJEU procurements to access the DPS
• A streamlined process which will allow for reduced procurement costs and admin time due to access to a full end-to-end process


Benefits to Suppliers:
• When successfully enrolled in the system, approved suppliers will have access to future requirements placed by LCP members accessing the DPS
• The system is free to join at any time for the duration of the DPS lifecycle
• A refined enrolment process which will only require one entry submission to access requirements from LCP members accessing the DPS

Accreditations and Enrolments are open for both the Minor Works and Construction, Estates and Property Professional Services DPS’s, so we are encouraging suppliers to begin their onboarding process now!

All entry criteria related to both DPS’s can be found on our adam demand site at:

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