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More big transport savings at another London Borough

December was a big month for us and London boroughs. Our system went live in Merton for commissioning passenger transport and Lewisham signed with us to implement our technology for the same category.

The results coming from Merton are looking fantastic so far with the Borough achieving an average of 6 offers per route whilst delivering savings of 22% compared to previous frameworks.

How was this achieved?

Market building:

It was particularly important for Merton to use as many providers from within the local area and also to ensure a responsive supply chain. Our supplier engagement team contacted transport providers in and around Merton, which resulted in:

• 24 firms are now enrolled and active providers
• 18 others are engaged in the enrolment process
• Total potential provider base is 42

Additional services:

Lewisham have also taken the option to reduce the number of transport related invoices to just 1 per week, down from 126. With Gartner stating that the cost of invoice processing is anywhere between £4 & £24, this simple process change should deliver substantial back office savings that the borough will see in the coming months. This is a process that Lewisham are implementing to ensure that the commissioning and invoicing process is smooth, quick and error free for the benefit of both Council and providers.


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