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End-to-end digital CHC


Our new Referral Management Tool has been launched!


Customers now have a single platform to run a digital CHC service to support all organisational activity.


The referral management tool will allow our partner, Midlands and Lancashire CSU, and 20+ CCGs to immediately benefit from faster, more accurate decision-making in the referral and assessment process.


As well as supporting the objective of having 100% of assessments completed within national guidelines, the tool also gives managers real-time information about where referrals are coming from, and what needs to be in place to support patients as they progress through the assessment process:


  • Supported across any device to support mobile working
  • Integrated with all adam products (including our innovative Case Management System)
  • Electronic Checklist and DST forms
  • Handles internal and external referrals and contributions to Checklist/DST
  • Configurable review and approval workflows to accelerate decision making
  • Interactive dashboards to gain instant understanding of referral activity
  • Rich data analytics available to gain insight over demand for CHC, health needs etc.


adam continues to innovate ahead of NHSE adding CHC to the HSSF framework later in 2019, and is the only system provider in the UK to have a dedicated end-to-end CHC solution for CCGs looking to drive performance and innovation to benefit patients.


Working with customers to provide the end-to-end service, or to plug gaps where existing system providers are unable to support, adam and the MLCSU is consistently delivering exceptional results for CCGs.

  • More productive staff and reduction in admin work
    (20% saving for clinical and admin staff)

  • Reduction in waiting times for care packages
    (up to 50% faster placements)

  • Multiple provider options to choose from for each patient
    (average 4 providers per patient)

  • Significant financial savings from more effective commissioning
    (typical 6% saving on cost of new packages)

  • Streamlined billing and payment process
    (100% invoices paid per BPPC, 30-day terms)


Read more about our partnership with MLCSU here


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