Digital commissioning, GDPR and protecting the data of individuals | adam HTT
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Digital Commissioning & the GDPR

The new data regulations (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th this year and represent the biggest change to regulations for 20 years. With 49% of data breaches coming from Public Sector organisations, the obligation to implement robust processes and procedures to protect the sensitive data of individuals or face significant fines should be the concern of not just the Data Protection Office, but everyone who is responsible for handling data.

To help Public Sector organisations protect themselves, we have pulled together a two pager on what secure technology should look like in order to support your GDPR and overall commissioning objectives: Digital Commissioning, GDPR and protecting the data of individuals.

To find out more about GDPR and what you need to know before May 25th, why not watch our GDPR video for Commissioners: What you need to know about GDPR.

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