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Changing SEN Commissioning at NCCTC 2017

On Tuesday 11th July, the second day of the National Children’s Commissioning and Contracting Training Conference (NCCTC), we’ll be presenting a workshop session with Rakhee Dave-Shah the Strategic Programme Lead for South London SEN Commissioning.

By coming along at 11:00 a.m. on the 11th you’ll understand the journey of 10 councils coming together to change the way personalised placements are commissioned. Delivering outcomes for children and young people with SEN in an open, fair and transparent way each & every time.


Background of the talk – what you need to know:

SEN commissioning has its challenges. We’re faced with the need to find the right school placement that meet the needs of pupils with SEN, which deliver outcomes and prepare them for adulthood, whilst adhering to two conflicting pieces of legislation. On top of that there is a growing number of children and young people with SEN and funding simply isn’t keeping pace with the growing demand. This means councils need to think differently about how they manage the complexities of commissioning SEN services!

Rakhee will discuss how proactive thinking, collaborative working, detailed engagement and a dedicated technology has seen 10 London boroughs take the journey together towards personalised outcomes-based commissioning that is based on personalised outcomes, not inputs, in a transparent and compliant way.

What you’ll learn:

• Who the South London Commissioning (SLC) Group are, why they were created and what they have achieved to date
• What sparked the need for change at SLC and why they chose the model they did
• How SLC collaborated to make the change a reality and how it affected providers
• The challenges facing the 10 boroughs in SLC, managing the conflicting legislation and what they would do differently
• What the future looks like in terms of personalisation and outcomes-based commissioning using the model and technology

We all realise that the landscape for commissioning children’s services is rapidly changing, so it’s time to assess alternative approaches to support children and young adults with SEN. We hope you can join us for our workshop on the 11th to learn how 10 Boroughs collaborated to make the necessary changes to enable them to commission for outcomes and for personalisation in a fair and transparent way.

NCCTC 2017 is set to be another great conference for everyone involved in commissioning services for children and young people. Be sure to review all the Workshops and Programmes on offer over both the 10th and 11th of July as there is something for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you and please feel free to share this with those you believe would also be interested in hearing SLCs journey so far.


Don’t forget, you can also keep up to date with the key outcomes and insights on Twitter by following @welcome2adam and the event hashtag #ncctc.

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