Victoria Whitcroft will be sharing her knowledge relating to bid & procurement tech. | adam HTT
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adam's Head of Supplier Management to talk at 'Bids & Procurement LIVE!' Event

adam’s Head of Supplier Management, Victoria Whitcroft, is speaking at the "Bids and Procurement LIVE!" event on the 12th June (07.30 - 10.00 BST)

The event, launched by adam business partner YPO and The Bid Toolkit, is a breakfast mini-conference comprising three themed discussion panels concentrating on the ‘hot topics’ in competitive procurement environments.

People involved in bidding AND procurement will benefit by coming together and gaining greater mutual understanding and sharing of best practice.

The three panel themes are:

  1. The Digital Revolution - bid & procurement tech
  2. Building & leading successful teams
  3. Leveraging Social Enterprises into Procurement & Bids (Interview by Mike Reader with Simon Boyle the award winning chef & Founder of social enterprise Beyond Food)

Victoria will be presenting within the 'Digital Revolution' section:

  • How tech has changed procurement and bidding over the past 10 years
  • What are the latest innovations
  • The patterns we are seeing and insights we are gaining in changing behaviour
  • The next 5 to 10 years hold in terms of where tech will take us next

The full event details and sign up process can be viewed online here.





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