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adam achieves standards ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certification

DATELINE: 07 January 2019


adam is proud to have achieved certification to the internationally recognised standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2017 .

The independent assessment was conducted by the British Assessment Bureau, a leading Certification Body, and demonstrates adam's commitment to customer service and quality in delivery; and keeping their data, staff and premises secure.

ISO 9001 was first introduced in 1987 and requires organisations to demonstrate that they do what they say they do, and that they have a Quality Management System in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction.

Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed to ensure progress is being maintained.

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised Information Security Management Standard that proves an organisation’s commitment to the security of their customer, employee and shareholder’s information. With ISO 27001 in place, organisations are able to minimise risks to potential data security breaches and reduce errors and costs, while demonstrating credibility and trust.

adam CEO, Julian Young, said "Our continual drive to help clients is well known and our technology allows the professional to control performance and outcomes in the supply chain, as well as helping providers gain the option to change typical attitudes towards public sector commissioning.  We too put ourselves through stringent accreditation measures and controls, which help us underpin everything we do to enable improved individual wellbeing".


The benefits of certification to ISO 9001 include:

  • Streamlining an organisation’s procedures;
  • Bringing consistency to an organisation’s service delivery;
  • Reducing cost and rework;
  • Improving an organisation’s management practices;
  • Enhanced status;
  • Competitive advantage;
  • Lower insurance premiums.

The benefits of certification to ISO 27001 include:

  • Proving to clients an organisation keeps their information secure;
  • Achieve operational excellence;
  • Minimise risk of potential data security breaches;
  • Protects reputation;
  • Reduces errors and costs;
  • Increases business profitability;
  • Engage employees.


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