Our People

Whilst we undoubtedly have a great product, we are immensely proud of the people within our business. Many of our staff, including much of the senior and middle management teams, have progressed from junior positons within the business.

We employ largely on talent and personality with experience coming second, and all staff are provided a formal but friendly environment within which to flourish. We provide a range of both formal and informal development schemes that staff can access to achieve the development they desire. No one person is the same and therefore development is centred around the individual, and the entire management team takes an active role in the development of our people.

At the same time we expect a lot. All staff are given their own responsibilities and are expected to work hard to help us achieve our goals. Occasionally deadlines require work out of hours, work takes people out of their comfort zone, and we challenge staff to be better at everything they do. However all our staff are supported and nurtured and there’s no question it’s a hugely rewarding environment to work within.

Five core principle underline everything that we do and run through everyone that we employ:

  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Leadership