Haringey Council: The journey to better commissioning

In 2014, Haringey Council decided a change was needed in the way they commission services for local people. From the outset, the Council knew what they wanted to achieve with their citizens. They also knew that, if they could find the right model that worked to achieve these aims, they could roll it out across their other categories. So in October 2014, they got in touch with adam to start looking into commissioning for Passenger Transport.

For the transport team, efficiency was a key driver of change, to place less strain on resource and, as a by-product of these efficiencies, make savings across the category. In addition, the Council had recognised from past experience that working with Providers would be the way forward for successful commissioning, and they wanted a tool to help them to do this.

We worked in partnership with Haringey Council to refine their internal commissioning process, and their Passenger Transport team started using our SProc.Net platform in March 2015. Soon after launch, it became clear that our Category Development System was successfully delivering against Haringey’s aims - namely enabling better partnerships with providers, easier commissioning of personalised services, and the ability to make the process more transparent. In addition, the transport team saw a 120% increase in available transport providers and have made savings of £129,600 across 500 journeys despite increasing the specification and quality of the vehicles used.

Following the success in transport, the decision was taken to roll out adam’s category development platform to more areas, namely Social Care, including Home Support, Semi-independent Living and Supported Living, as well as Parks and Leisure and Temporary Accommodation. The motivation for the Council was that the system and new processes would enable them to drive standardisation and compliance, increase provider flexibility and create improved partnerships with all providers, as well as create a robust process internally that would enable Brokers to commission person-centred services.

Over the next year, Haringey Council are aiming to lead by example, innovating their category processes and structures; with a roll-out schedule for the rest of 2016, the Council are looking into further options from January 2017 and how they might continue to develop their processes to create a consistent approach.

“We only went live with our first category with adam in March 2015, but we’re already achieving some great things. Very shortly, we will have gone live across five categories, with seven categories currently planned in total. This is a huge achievement for us and we’re looking forward to seeing the continued success of the system over the coming months.” Barry Phelps, Interim Head of Procurement at Haringey Council

Keep an eye on our news to follow Haringey’s journey as they continue to be an innovator in their marketplace and in the London area, or you can take a look at how we work within transport categories.