How do you ensure SEN children get the best service, starting at their front door? adam’s Human Touch Technology makes it easier for transport managers to commission routes individually.


Transport managers, like most in the public sector, are being asked to meet the needs of more individuals with reducing budgets. As budgets reduce, the traditional model of static and consolidated provider bases no longer works, outing pressure on capacity whilst demand is increasing. This is forcing managers to make difficult decisions that can potentially put individuals at risk.

Despite these pressures to save time, money and resource; your duty remains to evidence that services are commissioned appropriately, from approved providers that meet the needs of your citizens.

And in the face of these pressures, Transport Managers that work with us and our technology are:

  • working with an increased and engaged supplier base to deliver cashable savings
  • driving competition on quality so that the best providers receive routes
  • removing manual processes in commissioning, compliance, service delivery and payment
  • managing their transport spend in a single technology to reduce administration to free up staff time

Those responsible for Transport Commissioning, perhaps like you, recognised one or more of the following prior to engaging with us:

At adam, we understand change. We don’t start with technology but with the ideal market place, and then we work with you to build processes and wrap technology around those processes to work towards the ideal. From a bigger market of transport operators to managing invoices and payments, our technology underpins the commissioning process making it streamlined, auditable and driven by quality.

Put simply, it puts you back in control and gives you the time to focus on whats important.

By following an agile and flexible approach, we are with you throughout ensuring change is implemented as smoothly as possible.

We are helping an increasing number of local authorities from small transport teams to entire counties develop new ways of commissioning transport services, all of whom have managed to drive better prices and better quality from the local market whilst streamlining internal processes.

These include Essex, Haringey, Cornwall, Waltham Forest, Merton and Lewisham.

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 “The implementation has helped us increase the capacity of our provider market whilst also improving our market management effectiveness. This increased choice has delivered significant like-for-like savings, whilst also giving us a tool to make the commissioning process more efficient and transparent.”

Steve Sandercock – Category Manager, Cornwall Council



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Trying to compete for business with public sector providers can often feel cumbersome. As a supplier, you may be interested to know what our clients have spent on particular services. We have created a bespoke website which allows you to view in detail and in real-time, what is procured by our clients. This can be broken down by service type, spend and frequency.


  • Puts you in control of receiving appropriate service requirements from buyers
  • Provides you with immediate access to buyers’ service requirements
  • Puts you on a level playing field with other suppliers
  • Rewards you for providing a quality service
  • Allows you to monitor your performance as a supplier using real time information
  • Provides you with the information to best deliver the end-users’ needs