How do you find appropriate housing for homeless families when rents are spiralling and benefits caps are making them almost impossible to sustain?


Undoubtedly there is a housing crisis in the UK, especially in London, and it is getting worse. This makes it more difficult than ever to find families housing that suits their needs and at a reasonable cost.

adam can help take view of your end-to-end commissioning process to make more of what you already have, whilst also sourcing and engaging new providers of accommodation. Our system allows you to:

  • perpetually advertise opportunities to local landlords and agents to encourage new supply
  • push local providers through a formal accreditation process to ensure compliance and good quality accommodation
  • understand where all current vacant properties are at a particular time to best allocate to families in need
  • contract with providers electronically to minimise risk and safeguard the authority as well as the individuals being housed

At adam, we understand change. We don’t start with technology but with the ideal market place, and then we work with you to build processes and wrap technology around those processes to work towards the ideal. From building markets to invoice payment, our technology underpins the commissioning process making it streamlined, auditable and driven by quality. By following an agile and flexible approach, we are with you throughout ensuring change is implemented as smoothly as possible

A new focus on process and control, not just on commissioning, but from the beginning to the end of delivery to:

  • increase the number of properties available at any particular time
  • allow you to place families in more suitable accommodation
  • to reduce reliance on emergency, high costs accommodation to deliver cost savings
  • measure housing quality through feedback to ensure standards are not compromised
  • place the individual or family at the heart of everything you do


“We saw that improvements could be made through the use of technology and worked closely with adam to develop this new system to purchase emergency accommodation.”

Cllr Khevyn Limbajee, Cabinet Member for Housing at Waltham Forest Council




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  • Puts you in control of receiving appropriate service requirements from buyers
  • Provides you with immediate access to buyers’ service requirements
  • Puts you on a level playing field with other suppliers
  • Rewards you for providing a quality service
  • Allows you to monitor your performance as a supplier using real time information
  • Provides you with the information to best deliver the end-users’ needs