How do you free up beds faster without increasing risk to patients? adam is working with more and more CCGs, using Human Touch Technology to help find residential care for their patients - care that meets their specific needs, without additional costs.


Demand for continuing healthcare is rising (13% in the last three years in Staffordshire alone) while NHS budgets are dropping rapidly. There is no question that the NHS requires long-term, sustainable transformation. Especially as the population continues to grow, with people living longer with even more complex needs.

So, what are we doing about the problem facing the NHS?

adam are working with an increasing number of Clinical Commissioning Groups and Commissioning Support Units to transform the way they commission continuing healthcare.

Our Digital Commissioning technology is helping them to make vital savings against the cost of CHC, whilst crucially improving the quality of service delivered to meet individual needs.

So far we have helped the NHS to:

  • Make 8% average savings on the cost of commissioned services
  • Reduce discharge times by 20%
  • Reduce reassessment to 0
  • Ensure choice of provider on every package – averaging 3 offers per requirement
  • Enable CCGs to engage with their entire available provider market
  • Use a comprehensive audit trail and contract management process to better manage demand

We believe in putting individuals at the heart of the commissioning process whilst ensuring commissioners achieve the most from the buying process. So, if you are seeking more savings, more time, more control, more value for money, more manageable and ultimately more human processes, we want to help you.

We’re already helping other organisations collaborate with NHS bodies and Local Authorities, using technology to bring multiple agencies together.

The NHS is under significant pressure to transform but technology is already playing a central role in service delivery, efficiency and effective commissioning.

Would you like to join the journey towards better continuing healthcare commissioning?

Keep up to date with the latest news stories from the CCGs, CSUs and NHS bodies we’re working with here.



Latest news

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The blame game isn’t working. The apparent ‘divide and conquer’ tactics used by government to reduce delayed transfers of care is stifling the one thing that will solve the problem, namely much better collaboration between NHS and Council

More CCGs are transforming CHC commissioning


It’s well publicised that demand for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is growing significantly. In Staffordshire alone, 6 CCG’s have experienced a 13% increase in the need for CHC in the last 3 years. The rising demand is understandably taking its toll on CCG’s across the country, especially when you factor in budgets squeezing, pressures to evidence quality increasing and continually being tasked to find what can be done?


Trying to compete for business with public sector providers can often feel cumbersome. As a supplier, you may be interested to know what our clients have spent on particular services. We have created a bespoke website which allows you to view in detail and in real-time, what is procured by our clients. This can be broken down by service type, spend and frequency.


  • Puts you in control of receiving appropriate service requirements from buyers
  • Provides you with immediate access to buyers’ service requirements
  • Puts you on a level playing field with other suppliers
  • Rewards you for providing a quality service
  • Allows you to monitor your performance as a supplier using real time information
  • Provides you with the information to best deliver the end-users’ needs