How do you drive more personalised services with budgets under such overwhelming pressure? adam is already putting some of the UK’s largest councils back in the driving seat with our Human Touch Technology.


Our approach to commissioning is shaped around an exclusive technology. Technology that cuts through the complex and fragmented, without cutting out the humanity of the requirement. It allows you to put people at the centre of the commissioning process and design care packages around their needs.

Our care system allows you to:

  • grow the number of local accredited providers to choose from
  • create bespoke requirements for individuals with outcomes specific to them
  • quickly identify the local providers best able to meet a person’s needs
  • monitor and manage the quality of service provision by gathering feedback from service users and their care providers

Our system allows you to arrange personalised care services for people with confidence that the best quality and most suitable provider is used each and every time

Control for you

Our technology has been developed specifically to commission complex services and embraces the five core principals of “Open Public Services” set by the Government in 2011:

  • Choice
    Ensure maximum choice for commissioners and service users through a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
  • Decentralisation
    Allow organisations to decentralise functions meaning decision making and control is moved closer to the recipients of services
  • Diversity 
    Open the supply chain to encourage new entrants to allow for a more diverse supply chain to deliver more personalised care
  • Fairness
    Creates transparency over the commissioning process to create a fair and level playing field for all service users and care providers
  • Accountability
    Show value for money and ensure supplier commitments are managed and delivered

Control for your citizens

As well as commissioning services on behalf of people, you can allow them to genuinely take control of their own services for the first time. Integrated into our technology, our service user platform is a dedicated tool for individuals to design and buy their own care packages. It gives people access a good quality and competitive supply chain that hasn’t been available to them before

The service user platform:

  • allows service users to buy personalised care services from a competitive market
  • allows users to give and share feedback about the quality of services they have received
  • gives the authority visibility over spend outside of its control for effective market management

Aligned with the principles of the Care Act, our new service user platform allows service user's access to the same quality and value for money care services previously only available via local authorities.

"The Directorate is confident that the current approach to commissioning care has contributed to a more dynamic and viable domiciliary care sector"


Latest news

Improving market capacity in Domiciliary Care Commissioning


Domiciliary Care commissioners are now tasked with delivering more services, to more people, with needs that are more complex. However, many commissioners have been restricting themselves because they are using a fixed number of providers to deliver these services. So what else can commissioners do to meet the needs of the market?

Choice, quality and value in Residential Care commissioning


The introduction of the Care Act in 2014 means commissioners need to ensure service users are placed in homes that cater for their specific needs. They also need to evidence that they have provided service users and families choice over where they go. This change comes at a time when unprecedented pressure is facing Health & Social Care.


Trying to compete for business with public sector providers can often feel cumbersome. As a supplier, you may be interested to know what our clients have spent on particular services. We have created a bespoke website which allows you to view in detail and in real-time, what is procured by our clients. This can be broken down by service type, spend and frequency.


  • Puts you in control of receiving appropriate service requirements from buyers
  • Provides you with immediate access to buyers’ service requirements
  • Puts you on a level playing field with other suppliers
  • Rewards you for providing a quality service
  • Allows you to monitor your performance as a supplier using real time information
  • Provides you with the information to best deliver the end-users’ needs