Cardiff City Council increases their care provider supply by 51%

City of Cardiff Council (Cardiff) spends more than £20 million each year with the independent sector on the
provision of Domiciliary Care – this equates to 35,000 hours of care each week. Cardiff had previously awarded
a framework to 11 providers in 2010. A member-led Fairer Deal Taskforce review in 2013 determined that they
did not want to let another ‘restrictive’ framework or block contract.

Challenges Faced
Cardiff identified a number of key risks and constraints within the current arrangements:

  • Limited supply chain – both in number and diversity
  • High level of off contract spot purchasing – 50+ spot providers used outside of the framework
  • Limited quality control on spot providers
  • Performance measurement based on task and time rather than outcomes

Key Drivers
They identified the APL solution from adam as the best way to meet their objectives. These were the key drivers behind the
decision making process:

  • To deliver of more personalised care services and a broader choice of services available for each
  • To achieve better control over provider performance to improve quality and reduce risk to
  • To increase the number of providers in key markets there by increasing capacity
  • To introduce competition to the market to generate better quality care outcomes
  • To ensure value for money is realised on each care package whilst protecting the quality of service

To ensure all suppliers meet the contract and performance standards set by the Council
In addition to these drivers, Cardiff wanted a streamlined, efficient, technology led end to end process that would allow the realisation of business efficiencies across the Council.

"Once the Council had made a decision to move away from a large framework approach, developing a model based on the principles of a dynamic purchasing system was relatively straightforward - our concern was how we could deliver it. adam and their solution gave us a platform to deliver our preferred model - allowing us to effectively manage a diverse supply base with a continuous focus on quality." Steve Robinson, Head of Commissioning and Procurement at the City of Cardiff Council.​

The provider base has been increased by 51%, resulting in 59 unique providers being given the opportunity to
provide services. This has generated an average of 3.2 offers for each unique care requirement. Cardiff is also
using the system to implement a Provider Quality Score (PQS) to allow for the on-going monitoring and
measurement of the quality of the services delivered.

To find out more, take a look at how adam care

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