Case Studies

Continuing the commissioning journey...


In 2013 a member-led Cardiff council taskforce was created to review their Domiciliary Care commissioning process.

They concluded that their existing framework and process was not only restricting them from delivering a sustainable quality service to individuals but also presented a risk to supply and being able to deliver services effectively and compliantly. Following the decision to change, ada…

The evolution of transport commissioning at Haringey Borough Council


During ATCO’s #BackToBasics Transport event earlier in November, David Prior, DPS Implementation Manager at Haringey Borough Council made the trip from London to talk to members about Haringey’s approach to commissioning SEN & Passenger Transport.

  1. Can you tell us about SEN transport in Haringey?

"Haringey is a very flat borough, it’s quite wide. It stretches in the east into one of the most …

Driving Social Value: London Transport Provider now has better access to Local Authority contracts


The operator’s viewpoint at ATCO’s #BackToBasics transport conference

During ATCO’s #BackToBasics Transport Conference, Oana Paval of Airport Transfers made the trip from London to conduct a Q&A session with us. This session focused on how their business has benefitted from having better access to local authority contracts.

Here, you will find a transcript of the Q&A.

  1. Welcome to ATCO Oana…

Commissioning in Transport: The realities of summer pressures


In this two part interview Wendy Hall, Travel Coordinator Team Manager and Keith Ottaway, Travel Assistance Manager from LB Lewisham, discuss how the process for summer route tenders has now evolved from last year following the implementation of Category Development Technology.

  1. What did the process for summer tenders look like this time last year?

Wendy Hall: At this point last year we would h…

Outcomes-Based Commissioning for The South London SEN Commissioning Group


During the NCCTC 2017 Children’s Conference we were joined by Rakhee Dave-Shah from the South London SEN Commissioning Group (SLC) for a workshop about how they have transformed their approach to commissioning services for children and young adults with SEN.

Here, we pick out the key themes from that Q&A and invite you to continue the conversation on our joint LinkedIn Group with Rakhee called…

Lewisham transform approach to Passenger Transport Commissioning


On April 20th 2017 Lewisham Borough Council successfully launched their new approach to passenger transport commissioning in collaboration with us. Lewisham are now working with a Dynamic Supply Base and using a Category Development System to manage the end-to-end commissioning process.

Just three weeks into the new approach and Lewisham are already working with 8 more providers than when they wer…

Cardiff City Council increases their care provider supply by 51%


City of Cardiff Council (Cardiff) spends more than £20 million each year with the independent sector on the
provision of Domiciliary Care – this equates to 35,000 hours of care each week. Cardiff had previously awarded
a framework to 11 providers in 2010. A member-led Fairer Deal Taskforce review in 2013 determined that they
did not want to let another ‘restrictive’ framework or block contr…

Waltham Forest set to save up to 100k on transport by 2016


When the London borough of Waltham Forest first engaged adam, it was clear that the limited Providers Waltham Forest had weren't able to maintain a completely successful service, and the services were, therefore, costing the Council more. Here's how adam improved the supply chain and process of engaging SEN transport services...

Procurement spend represents approximately 50% of the Londo…

Lewisham Passenger Transport - Travel Assistance Advisor Q&A


In this interview we speak with Stephen Good, Travel Assistance Advisor at Lewisham Borough Council about Passenger Transport.

  1. Thank you for your time today Stephen, can you tell me a bit about what you’re doing at Lewisham in your role?

"I’m working with Lewisham in an independent role as a Travel Assistance Advisor. I’ve been contracted in to review the service, how Lewisham operate, how the…

Lewisham Passenger Transport - Procurement & Joint Commissioner Q&A


In this interview we speak with Paul Creech, Procurement and Joint Commissioner at Lewisham Borough Council about going live with Passenger Transport and what that means for Procurement and the Care Act.

  1. Thank you for your time today Paul, can you tell me a bit about your role and what you’re doing at Lewisham at the moment in the procurement side of things?

"OK, so I’m actually a Joint Commis…

Lewisham Passenger Transport - Travel Coordinator Team Manager Q&A


In this interview we speak with Wendy Hall at Lewisham Borough Council about their recent go-live of Passenger Transport.


  1. Thank you for your time today Wendy, can you please tell me a little bit about your role and what you’re currently doing with Lewisham at the moment?

"In my current role and when we initiated adam I was a Travel Coordination Team Manager so our role was to procure transp…

NHS Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit transform approach to care home placements


Midlands & Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU) have compiled a review of their experience, process and approach to transforming and stabilising CHC commissioning.

They're the first CSU and group of CCGs in the Country to make the change to Digital Commissioning from a diverse provider base.

Within this NHS case study MLCSU go over:

  • The background
  • Their aims
  • The challenges they faced…

Brighton are changing the way learning disability services are commissioned


adam has been working with Brighton and Hove City Council to help them commission person-centred care. In this interview, we speak to Andy Witham, Procurement Category Manager, about why the Council have decided to change the way they commission services for Learning Disabilities and the key parts that behaviour and culture play in innovating procurement practices.

Why change the way Brighton comm…

Optimising SEN Transport Service Q&A


Stephen Good, Project Lead at a London Borough Council joined us at YPO to participate in a Q&A where he discussed the learnings from one of his most recent implementations. Stephen discussed the previous commissioning approach the Borough took, what the objectives were, what process they went through and the outcomes they’re looking to achieve.

1. You’re currently working with a London Boroug…

Award winning procurement in Transport for London Borough of Merton


1. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today Michael and many congratulations for winning the procurement award for your transport category. Can you please tell me a bit more about how the award came about?

"Thank you, this is a great achievement for the London Borough of Merton...

"We are thrilled to be recognised for our work with the local small business economy..."

The award is fairly …

Bigger supply chain means big results at London Borough


For any local authority to deliver successful commissioning it must encourage and nurture a healthy supply chain. This article looks at how Haringey’s change in approach to commissioning has expanded its network of suppliers, providing more capacity for each service whilst achieving a fairer price.

Haringey Council had always worked with a small number of suppliers within their transport categorie…

A transformative approach to commissioning Continued Healthcare


(MLCSU) is one of the largest CSUs in the UK, representing 44 CCGs across the Midlands and North West. As with most of the public sector, budgets within CCGs are being squeezed whilst they are managing an increase in demand and focus on quality.

Martin Pope, Head of Mobilisation at MLCSU says that the CCGs “are becoming increasingly more demanding of the CSU with the need for better quality from s…

Passenger Transport in Haringey


We’ve been working with Haringey Council’s Transport Category since March 2015, helping them to create a more efficient process for commissioning services for local people. Through using our Category Development System, we also increased Haringey Council’s transport providers by 120%. One of the new Providers that started working with Haringey Council was Airport Transfer Cars Ltd, and in this Q&a…

Cardiff Provider: Digital Commissioning technology has created a fairer process


Recently, we spoke with J-Care Support Services, based in Aberdare, Wales, about how they provide home support to local people within the Cardiff area, how the home support marketplace has changed over the last few years and how the process for providing personalised, quality support has changed since Cardiff City Council implemented adam's Digital Commissioning technology.

Can you please explain …

Domiciliary Care from a Provider's perspective


Supreme Homecare is an independent care agency providing care to clients in their own home on a one to one basis. In this interview, their representative talks to us about the Domiciliary Care market in the UK, the challenges they face as a care provider and how Local Authorities engage with them to ensure people receive the services they need.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and what it …

Domiciliary care in Waltham Forest


In this interview, Darren Newman, Head of Service Design and Contract Management at the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council, talks to us about what the local marketplace looked like before Waltham Forest started using Digital Commissioning technology and what a stable process and diverse Providers mean for the people who need the services they commission.

What did Domiciliary Care look like …