Our Business Today

Privately owned, adam is run by an entrepreneurial management team who genuinely want to make a difference in the world. We build and maintain all of our own technology, which centres on the values of Human Touch Technology – which presents itself in both the product we build, but also how we do business. To us this is a passion and not just a business, and we treat all interactions with the care they deserve.

We are based in two modern offices in Milton Keynes, not far from the station and shopping centre, and have a young and talented team of staff. We now have a range of products that serve both the local government and NHS markets, as well as consumer offering (www.adamlife.com). Over the coming years we will continue to invest very heavily in all of them as we build technology to high standards, quickly, and always with users in mind.

And we’re proud of our results to date. We’ve been awarded the Innovation in Care award at the GB Care awards, we’ve been recognised as a Cool Vendor by Gartner, and we are growing at a rapid rate. We will post turnover of £1.9m for 2015/16, which was double the year before, and we will double our turnover again in 2016/17. And plan the same in 2017/18.