“The care of human life and happiness... is the first and only object of good government”

Thomas Jefferson


We are the Digital Commissioning Company. Through our services and proprietary technology, we work with public sector bodies to enable them to buy and manage the best available services for individuals each and every day, no matter how complex the need.

Welcome to adam

In recent years the role of Local Authorities has changed, as has the way they serve people. However, in many ways, their processes haven't. When it comes to buying complex services for individuals departments are dealing with an increasing amount of people in need, using numerous providers who are managed by stretched commissioning and brokerage staff whilst all the time working within the restriction of tightening budgets. 

In many cases a combination of old processes and insufficient technology has resulted in departments losing sight over the individual. This has reduced their ability to commission the right service, from the right providers which ultimately ends up costing them more.

That is why we created adam. We believe that local authorities should be able to put the individual at the centre of the process. Using innovative technology, we want to help our customers re-design their processes, and their organisations, to help put people back at the heart of what they do. We want our customers to be able to deliver the right service, for the right individual, each and every time.


Our background

After signing our first customer contract in 2012, three years later we were rated as a ‘Cool Vendor’ by leading technology & I.T insight firm, Gartner. We’ve achieved a lot in a very short space of time. The next natural step was to give the company a name and brand that symbolised our belief and encapsulated the personality of the business. We embraced the line “To make public service personal again”. That was the value, the commitment we were to focus on.

In September 2015 we became adam.

At the time, we were a team of 17 people with eight customers with twelve contracts. Fast forward a year and the progress has been rapid. We’re now almost 70 strong in terms of staff, we work with 50 customers across 80 contracts in place that are benefiting from our technology every single day.

So our aims are simple. We want to empower those within local authorities to help protect, drive and maximise budgets to achieve the highest standards of services for the benefit of the individual. We want to make things better for service providers so they can view their entire market, reassured with error free, on time payments so they can grow their business. But most of all we are here for the individual. Whether they receive care through the local authority or organise it themselves, we believe people shouldn’t have to wait a moment longer for change when we have the tools at our disposal to humanise and improve public services.